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The Church undercroft is available for parties, showers, receptions etc.

The fees include the use of the undercroft and kitchen facilities (for warming purposes). The church does not provide custodial services for cleaning up after an event - the renting party must see that this is done.

Our undercroft is not handicapped accessible.

The basic fee is for a (4) four hour party with a one hour period before for setting up and decorating. The kitchen has: two ovens and stovetop hot plates for warming and light cooking. A ninety (90) cup coffee urn is available.

Each rental group will supply their own consumables: coffee; tea; sugar; forks; knives; spoons; cups; plates; napkins; and condiments.

There is no formal rental agreement, but the Church's insurance carrier requests that each rental party secure their own liability insurance for the day of their party. Proof of that coverage will be required prior to the affair. Most residential insurance carriers will issue a letter stating that the homeowner has liability coverage for any harm that they or their guest might inflict on our property. Organizations should obtain their own group coverage.

A deposit of $150 is due at reservation time and the balance due on the day of the affair. For specific information regarding rental rates - which may be for a one-time event or for repeated rental of the undercroft - please speak to the parish administrator.

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